CEO | Fervo Energy

Tim Latimer traces his interest in energy development to his childhood, when a controversial coal-fired power plant was built in his Texas hometown. He explains, “It was the perfect microcosm of how energy can have really great, positive impacts, but there are clear trade-offs. The plant created a lot of jobs and tax revenue, but you can always hear the turbines running.” Latimer followed his interest into the oil and gas industry, where he began his career as a drilling engineer working in the Permian and Eagle Ford basins. In 2015, driven by a growing appreciation of the urgency of climate change and wanting to learn how to best contribute to the clean-energy transition, Latimer went to graduate school at Stanford University, where he pursued an MBA and an M.S. in environment and resources. Latimer co-founded the geothermal-energy technology company, Fervo Energy with a mission to leverage innovation in geoscience. “Ten years ago, the question, ‘Do you have a climate strategy?’ was asked of energy companies,” he says. “Now it’s asked of all companies. This is an economy-wide trend.

About Fervo Energy 
Fervo Energy commercializes technology to develop, own, and operate geothermal assets as the dispatchable foundation to a 100% clean-energy future. Fervo’s technology incorporates proven, cost-effective technologies, such as horizontal drilling, to unlock the potential of geothermal energy.

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