CEO | Syndio

Maria Colacurcio believes the problem of gender and race-based inequity in the United States is solvable. As the CEO of Syndio — the only SaaS company licensing data-powered software to help companies analyze pay gaps by gender and race — she is working to eradicate unlawful disparities. Syndio is now leading the market in workplace-equity software, with nearly 10% of Fortune 200 companies currently using its groundbreaking products.

Before joining Syndio, Colacurcio co-founded the software-solutions company, SmartSheet, Inc., and spent three years at Starbucks, one of the first Fortune 50 companies to go public with pay-equity results. With experience spanning congressional campaigns, and numerous corporate leadership roles, Colacurcio is also a mom of seven.

About Syndio 
“Traditional” pay-equity analysis is cumbersome and focuses on disparities in pay without addressing issues that compound the problem, like bonuses and internal promotions. Syndio’s unique, real-time-analysis software makes it possible for companies to reduce legal risk, save millions in remediation dollars (while whittling their remediation budgets almost down to zero over time), and create positive brand reputations to help them attract and retain top talent at every level of the business.

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