Kennedy III

Founder | Groundwork Project

Joe Kennedy III has dedicated his career to social and economic justice, fighting for the basic needs of every American family and for a political system that is truly representative and fair. He founded Groundwork Project to address pervasive disparities in the American political system. Over four terms in Congress, Kennedy built a powerful network of supporters and volunteers, as well as some of the largest digital platforms in the Democratic Party. As he considered the most effective way to activate this network, he was drawn to local activists, advocates, and leaders working in their communities to make change. It became clear that investing in year-round, local community organizing was the best way to build durable civic and political infrastructure and create sustainable progress. Kennedy serves as a senior advisor for Emerson Collective, the Poor People’s Campaign, and the National Association of Community Health Centers. He is a former Peace Corps volunteer, assistant district attorney, and member of Congress representing Massachusetts' 4th congressional district in the U.S. House. He is also on the boards of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, the Woodwell Climate Research Center, the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health, and the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps.

About Groundwork Project 
With a primary focus on Appalachia, the Deep South, and the Plains, Groundwork Project invests in year-round community organizing. Its founding belief is that sustained local investments are the best way to remedy injustice, build political power in disenfranchised communities, and win elections.

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