Founder and CEO | EducationSuperHighway

The inspiration for founding EducationSuperHighway came when Evan Marwell was put on the spot by U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra at a White House meeting in 2012. When participants were asked to name the technology project they thought was most important for the country, Marwell, a telecom and software entrepreneur, answered that it would be expanding broadband access for classrooms, as 90% of them lacked high-speed internet access.

Marwell founded EducationSuperHighway to close that digital divide. Working in all 50 states, Marwell helped connect nearly 47 million students in 99.7% of the country’s K-12 classrooms to high-speed broadband. Now the organization's next goal is to bring America’s most unconnected communities online.

In addition to leading EducationSuperHighway, Marwell is a co-founder of Ignite! Reading, a Zoom-based, K-3 reading-fundamentals tutoring program. He serves on the boards of Direct Relief, and Recidiviz, a nonprofit building data tools to streamline the criminal-justice system. Marwell is also the board chair at myAgro, an organization empowering smallholder farmers to reduce poverty and increase food security.

About EducationSuperHighway 
EducationSuperHighway was founded to expand access to broadband in the nation’s classrooms. The pandemic added a new goal of connecting students for remote learning, and now the organization’s aim is to close the digital divide for the 18 million American households that can’t afford to connect to the internet. From leveraging data to identify unconnected households, to creating solutions to bring free Wi-Fi to residents of low-income apartment buildings, its programs aim to address the key barriers to accessing federal broadband programs and low-cost internet plans.

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